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Oh Hai..... 
2nd-Jun-2010 12:43 am
Haven Nathan "Is that so?"
I completely neglected this journal for over a year and a half at least....when kyidyl friended me and I saw actual updates I was like "Oh yeah...LJ has that feature...." So here I am updating for the first time in who-knows how long...

I <3 WoW so much right now..... I has a level 80 hunter and 80 (just dinged Sunday morning) mage. Been doing the raiding thing on the hunter, but the weekly raid group I was with fell apart because no one ever attended for more than just the first day, and sometimes not even that....And the only other option is to raid with my guild. I love them, I really do, but Heaven help me, don't expect me to raid with most of them. I'd end up killing them. Repeatedly.

The damn plot bunnies are still eating muses....I'd LOVE to finish a story for the first time since leaving high school....(over 4 years ago for those of you keeping track)

I suppose I'll post more tomorrow so I'll actually have something to post. (I know, shocker!)

Another thing, I need to find a new mood set....Had this one over a year now..... Suggestions?