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This was posted by teh Asshat in my guild. I'm finding it extremely… 
23rd-Jul-2011 02:08 am
This was posted by teh Asshat in my guild. I'm finding it extremely amusing that I garnered 6 paragraphs worth of issues LOL...(I'm the Sati he's talking about) Anyone want some popcorn? I've stocked up...

 So to give the rest of the guild some more back story here. Bottom line I do not turn a blind eye when I see an issue that I think hurts or damages our guild. Through action or in action. I am vocal in my opinion. I stand my ground, and I am known for and do hammer my point at times.

I have had issues when Keiralee was GM and her and I had multiple times when we butted heads over issues. They were resolved.

Goth and I had it out quite a bit when we both were strong headed in our beliefs in issues. Goth and i fought over the amount and quality of recruits War was bringing in. Many of whom I still see are with us. Goth and I fought over promotion times. Then of course there was the Haqo issue that Goth was trying to use his position to get Haqo removed, which ironically months after I agreed and voted for Haqo's removal. The biggest fight was when Goth tried to remove Cyberra. The HC as a whole disagreed with him saying Cyberra did not deserve that, and Goth had enough and quit. In bitter disappointment months later Cyberra quits the guild.

Now we go into what has caused some of the most heated and long lasting, unresolved debates in the HC. Mostly started by me. This was Sati's leadership. Sati is a nice sweet young woman, but really is not a good gm. Since coming into the GM slot up until a few weeks ago it is evident she does not have the leadership fortitude to be the GM. Sorry but some people are fit for it others not so much.

So In October an issue came up with a member of her council she was not going to carry into Cataclysm. Without going into all the details she wasted over a month to remove that person from the GC after pushing and prodding from multiple people saying it needed to be done. Her own insecurities prevented her from doing so. This caused some confrontation.

Then in December and in January the reporting was off and I called her out on it. I called her out for not flushing out her GC even though people she wanted to have on volunteered to do so. Then there was the issue with the lack of recruiting and saying there was no one to recruit. All of these issues I brought up on the HC and hammered the point home, of course there were counter points made by others. Each time when the discussion came down that I needed to back off I did. Until another issue came up. In March another issue did come up. Reports were off again. Issues were popping up from the membership. I told her if she can't handle it to step down.

She refused and I called for her removal and was shut down. I was then told by the HC (mostly Tumas) to sit down and shut up. If I didn't he would motion for Censure. I took the smack upside my head and did as he said. I sat down and shut up about it.

Then we move into April. I asked Sati for a roster in the current roster's format. She refused saying that she cannot work in any other roster but her own. Her brain would not allow her to do so. I asked nicely twice for her to do it. I even made a copy for her to use and simply update her chapter's information. She refused, I then told her it needed to be done and did not care who did it from her chapter it needed to be done. She refused. I then demanded it.

Never has a Chamberlain ever had to demand this information from a chapter. My job was to support the chapters and outposts by having an accurate roster with the proper promotion times and other relevent information so that we have the record for all to see. Also so we can make sure we are following up on the orders. I go so much shit for something that is basic that should be done by the gms. Nope Creetar is a bully. He can't get the information because he has to yell and be a jerk to get it.

Then comes the really fun stuff. I make a post in the Rift GC area in a slight rant form "I wish people in positions of leadership, would inform us
when they leave a game." This was in regards to one officer in particular, but I went on to post later one of our guild's biggest issues.

People in positions of leadership typically hold on to the position long after they should have stepped down. People hold baron MK, even GM spots even though they are no longer interested in the game they are playing. This causes issues with lack of leadership that can effect the chapter to it's core.

Jeric felt the need to call out someone by name. This started the great HC flame war of May. In this all out flame fest I am being repeatedly being blamed for something Jeric had said. No matter how many times it is linked that Jeric was the one that "Slammed the GC members of Rift."

At this point Fury felt the need to tarnish all the hard work that i did in War claiming my entire tenure was full of fraud and lies. This crap I can't take. I took a year of defending my chapter over and over for the practices we were doing, and the issues were resolved back then. It was over done with, but Fury had felt he needed to tarnish all that and say everything out of my mouth is a lie or bullshit.

I have worked damn hard over the past 13 years for this guild. I worked hard through my own personal flaws. I am not the nicest and most cuddly guy out there. I wear my heart on my sleeve. You never have to wonder where you sit with me because I will tell you. Even if it is not something you will want to hear. I am blunt and to the point. This grates on some people's nerves. I live for this guild. I have stuck through it with some crap that most of you would just walk away from. I stuck through it all because I love this guild with all of my heart.

To have Fury claim that I am a cancer and damaging this guild, and to say everything I do or say is a lie. REALLY PISSES ME OFF. I do not have to be liked by everyone. I am under no illusions that I am. I will however stand with all of you, even if I don't like you, because we are a part of something bigger.

Fury then said he would have nothing to do with me unless he was forced to because of his official duties as Arbitor. In my time in leadership there was only once where I said I would not work with someone and that was being on Reveng's raid. I learned that was not the right way to go and months later changed my mind.

Since then Fury has been on a crusade to get me removed from the HC, and when he realized that he could not get that done because he needed a unanimous decision he then switched gears to discuss removing me from the guild. That did not fly so he went on to actually move to get the voting requirements changed so that a simple majority could remove someone for the hc or make changes to the charter.

The problem with this change is instead of the HC working on issues that do effect the guild as a whole that have been brought up like the journal requirements, sponsor issues, or what is a member, instead all conversation then becomes about removal. Nothing is getting accomplished.

In this time Fury has heated fights with Jeric, Tumas, and myself. To the point where there was a motion put forward and seconded for Fury's removal. 10 days of still on going back and forth between Jeric and Fury there was a call for my removal by Tumas for my actions dating back to Sati. Time frames are important here. June 19 my call for removal was made for actions that happened in March.

Now normal voting procedures were resolve how many votes are needed, then vote on the next item. That would be Fury's removal. Nope Fury decided to abuse his position and put my vote for removal up first then his.

Here is the problem with this. Fury should be the first one voted on because he was called out and motioned on first June 9th. The voting on him should be resolved because if he is voted out of the HC he should not get to vote on my removal. Instead he posted both polls up so he could get his vote in on mine so he could get me off the HC by any means he could.

Sad thing is the only person to call him out on this unethical behavior was Tumas, but Tumas and Warz had already decided to put both of us up at the same time. Sorry gentlemen, I know you were trying not to seem like you were trying to manipulate the voting, but you did just that.

Now before I left Fury seemed like he was not going to get voted off the HC. It is a damned shame too. Fury has done more damage and caused more issues in the HC then I have in a year and a half, and in great hypocritical form done everything he has accused me of doing and then done the dirty deed of putting my vote of removal up first.

I am posting this for 2 reasons. I am pissed at what has gone on, and because the guild does need to see what just is going on.

24th-Jul-2011 10:26 pm (UTC)
So...did he gquit? Cause I got the feeling he did. He posted that long rant on FB and then sent me a msg saying "well that was fun while it lasted", though I didn't reply cause I didn't see the msg till after he'd gone offline...
24th-Jul-2011 10:32 pm (UTC)
No, so far he just stepped down. Naturally, Jeric followed last night with several parting shots about our voting habits. At least he didn't take it to the general boards. Debating on posting it to laugh at later.... :-D
24th-Jul-2011 11:04 pm (UTC)
Kiera told me some stuff was going on, and so I'd heard a bit from her, but not a ton of details. I don't think you should post to the general boards though. x.x
24th-Jul-2011 10:37 pm (UTC)
That is, posting it here. There's a witch hunt for anyone who "gives out sensitive information" (insert eyeroll here)

Edited at 2011-07-24 10:39 pm (UTC)
24th-Jul-2011 11:05 pm (UTC)
Here maybe...I would, cause then you'd have it if creet decides to take it down later and change his tune.
25th-Jul-2011 12:15 am (UTC)
What I'll post here is Jeric's stepping down note. He calls the HC out on our voting, but doesn't name us specifically for which trait he attributes one of us as having. This post here *points to epic novel of ignorance up top* is the only thing Creet's said on the matter as far as I've seen (excluding FB)
25th-Jul-2011 01:01 am (UTC)
LOL apparently you weren't the only one to get that idea. He just posted saying someone started a rumor about it and whoever did it, stop now.
25th-Jul-2011 01:34 am (UTC)
But saying "whomever started rumors, please stop" is waaaay harder than writing a long-winded thing. ;)