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Jeric's post 
24th-Jul-2011 08:23 pm
RH Thoughtful!Robin
 Here's what the lackey of teh Asshat officer said when he stepped down. (he was the one I ranted at here) Mind you, he specifically requested the spot be created so he could do the history. 8 months pass and we only see 2 rough drafts that are half assed at best, and what do you know? As soon as Asshat steps down, so does this guy. Shocker. /sarcasm

Effective immediately, I resign my post as Lord Archivist.

I simply don't have the time. As can be seen by the posts in the Annex, I have been able to give it a cursory treatment at best. The vision of the position at its inception was one marked by a high degree of time investment as both a writer and investigator, and unfortunately I can not commit to either of these.

Additionally, I would like to voice an opinion connected to recent matters...

This Council has lost its way.

We have allowed one of our number to completely upset the process of governance with their recent machinations against one of our longer standing members, and to dupe us with their stubborn adherence to some self-serving "Categorical Imperative." They have marbled our eyes with their philosophical absurdity, made arguments for arguments' sake and drawn out decision-making far longer than what is necessary.

Another of our number has explicitly expressed a desire to rule with the majority, to not be the "lone dissenter." What is the point of a principled governing body who's members sell out their own principles? As proponents of a so-called chivalric ideal, it is our duty to do what is right, regardless of public opinion, even if it makes us unpopular.

Another of our number does not think about what they are voting on, but simply votes as others have. If we are not making, mature, informed votes, what is the point of voting? People who do not actively engage in a discerning approach to decision-making, generally take the path of least resistance. It is my opinion that it should be the opposite on the HC. Council-members are the ones who have to solve the tough, sometimes unsavory issues. Connected to this is this notion of political correctness. We have become bogged down with it. I'm sorry but some noses will get bloodied on the way to making decisions.

Another of our number seldom votes and engages in discussion even less. This is just a simple matter of respect.

On top of all this, is some growing hostility that has developed regarding the "mobility" of HC members between chapter and HC chambers in expressing "oversight." This has created an atmosphere of hostility and uncertainty that is generally unpleasant to work in.

That all being said, I have enjoyed serving and wish the remainder of the Council the best of luck in righting the ship and getting back to being effective. I am happy to help in any way I can, but I am unable to devote the time needed to an effective execution of the Archivist position.

(I personally think I'm the one who can't make her own decision and votes with the crowd....)