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Did That Just Happen? 
15th-Mar-2013 11:25 pm
DW Angry just regenerated 10
I was just informed that if I figured out that my romantic preferences swung the other way, I'd be disowned. Yeah... Nice way to support me in whatever I wish to do with my life there. According to him, people who are homosexual shouldn't be allowed to get married because A) they can't procreate, and B) the government and bill collectors would come after them for their spouse's expenses after the spouse passes. (If that last one doesn't have you going WTF, explain it to me, cause I've long since stopped trying to figure it out....) Oh and C) their souls won't go to Heaven for being homosexual. (Forgot that one till just now)

So to sum it up:
The homosexual people can fight for this country.
They can die for this country.
They can pay taxes for this country.
They can work their dream job in this country.
But they cannot marry who they want to in this country?


My head hurts thinking about it so I'm not going to think on it further and instead I'm going to curl up with a good book and get lost in that world rather than this one which is rapidly becoming The Unhappiest Place on Earth