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And I thought HPANA was bad.... 
30th-May-2007 09:34 am
Haven Nathan "Is that so?"
It appears that fandom has a new enemy. Warriors of Innocence. I will not post their link because frankly, there's nothing worthwhile to link to.

They are going through the LJ user's interests on the profile and if it raises flags due to certain words (child abuse, human sacrifice, kidnapping, killing, murder, pedophiles, pedophilia, rape, and beating people up, incest and rape, shota, loli, lolita) from this post on jamoche's journal; they will report the offending journal to LJ Abuse, and have the journal deleted for TOS non-compliance.

That's all fine and dandy, except one small problem. How many of you are involved in, or know of someone who is in an RPG? Don't they have "villainous" characters who may like that sort of thing? Yep. Doesn't matter if it's displayed in BIG RED DANCING LETTERS that the character is not real, and the owner of that particular LJ does not condone such activities. If these people find it, they will report it, and because they report it, LJ has to delete it because these Warriors have pretty much put LJ between a rock and a hard place, as the saying goes. So if it comes down to that, I don't blame LJ for deleting the journal in question because once this passes, the journals will be back up; albeit under different names, we all know they will.

To make matters worse, they not only started doing this, but less than an hour after the first few journals were taken off, the imbeciles ANNOUNCED ON THEIR SITE WHAT THEY ARE DOING. They pretty much told all of LJ, "Look at your interests closely, and change them!", no matter if a real pedophile, killer, kidnapper, raper, etc sees it and also changes their journal, thereby hiding amongst innocent people, who are getting their journals deleted by the hour.

The same goes for the incest fans. Peter/Susan or Lucy/Edmund of Chronicles of Narnia; any Weasley/Weasley pairing of HP; and should I even mention the plot line for Anne de Bourgh and Fitzwilliam Darcy (if Lady Cathrine had her way) in Pride and Prejudice?

Anyways; here's the link to what's gone so far. I will admit that some of it should be gone, but some? Absolutely no reason for it to have even been noticed.

PS, I found out about it here liz_marcs